Lombok Hiking Trails for Beginners

You’re probably facing the same problem we faced when we were researching places to hike in Lombok. The results. 3 places. Mount Rinjani, Pergasingan Hill and Nanggi Hill. But what if those hikes are not what you’re looking for? What if you wanted to explore the culture? If you wanted to go deep into the mountains where rice plantations grow on the side of steep hills? Where you go on a hiking experience that immerses you in the local Lombok culture. Welcome to Lombok Hiking Trails for Beginners. Your one stop shop for affordable, customized hiking and trekking tours in Lombok.

We spent years thinking about how we would help traveler’s find the perfect experience. We found it. On the way we also found ourselves. Our purpose.


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Our lessons are available for both beginner and advanced levels.

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Lombok Hiking Trails in Nanggi Hill

You know about the beautiful beaches. We have a hike for that. The hidden villages hanging off the sides of a cliff. WE have a hike for that too. The truth is everyone hikes for different reasons. Some one to discover new cultures. Some want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. Some want to hike through the city. We get it. So whether you’re looking for a 1 day Lombok hiking itinerary or a 5 day Lombok hiking itinerary – we have it all.

You’ve come here because you’re keen to see Lombok on foot. We think that is the best way. But then again we’re also biased because we love hiking, trekking and walking.

Customized Hiking Tours in Lombok

Our tours are only led by local, experienced, fluent English speaking guides. Locals with a deep knowledge of the culture and communities in which we operate. Our training programs for our guides are extensive. In fact our guides have to clock up 50 tours with us before they are allowed to guide on their own. We’re also committed to making our tours accessible to everyone by keeping all of our Lombok hiking tours affordable.

Whether you are in a mood to relax in the lap of nature, romance your loved one or wish to do nothing but embrace the beauty of Lombok, we give you all the reasons to begin planning right away. We provide the best camping solutions after a long hour of trekking and ensure you never feel any count of discomfort.