Lombok Hiking ltinerary

They say that actions speak louder than words. A passport full of stamps and a journal full of smiling photos would trump my travel stories any day, but some things just need to be read to be believed. Hopefully with these precious insights, you will be able to form your own opinions and plans to really get down to the gritty and Lombok Hiking ltinerary and surrounds for yourself.

Today I am writing about a recent 5-day expedition that I embarked on, all the way from Gerupuk Bay to the majestic nature filled treks and tracks of Senaru.

Day 1: Gerupuk Bay

Lombok Hiking ltinerary

I started this journey in Gerupuk Bay. I realized quickly upon arrival that the locals here make their living from commercial fishing and renting out surfing services to those looking to carve it up on the waves. Interestingly, the locals were also very quick to tell me that the gnarly surf spots and waves stretch from beginner to advanced levels of difficulty, so regardless of your starting capability, Gerupuk Bay should be on your list. During my day here, I gained some exciting insights into the local Sasak culture and how they produce for their families through their habits of nomadic fishing. All around the town are hotels and cafes, as well as homestays. Charlie’s Shack was the premium level accommodation in the area, and it did not disappoint for both a well-earned meal and fantastic clean accommodation.

Based on the expenses of visitors and my own spending, I would budget around $45 US for a day well spent here.

Day 2: Kuta Lombok

Kuta Lombok (not to be confused with Kuta Bali) is well known among the surfers of the world as one of the best swells available. As I explored the streets, I realized as a result that Kuta Lombok was more like a small village of surfers rather than a real bustling place of commercial industry. However, there are certainly many guesthouses and restaurants, and as I visited in season, the place was busy and engaging. Another great surf spot, the locals told me that the place to eat was at a diner named “The Mexican in Town”. Trust me when I say that I have never again tasted a burrito or enchiladas quite like what I did that night. Delicious. I rounded off the day at Kumbara Villas, a great little relaxing place that was very warm and welcoming.

Due to the more rural nature of this stop, I would budget a little less – perhaps around $40 US

Day 3: Sengiggi

I was very excited to try out the diving and snorkeling that I heard was on offer at Sengiggi. There are a few nice corals with different types of fish on the north side. In my opinion you will find much better snorkeling at the Gillis though. Note that you must wait for low tide when the sea is calm, because during my visit it was high and the water was fairly murky. A local tipped me off about a beautiful place to eat known as “Nuf Said Waroeng”. If you are reading this right now, stop. Get out a piece of paper or your phone and make a note to buy the grilled fish. Trust me. Rainbows in my mouth for the rest of the night. I stayed at the Jazz Senggigi Hotel, and with a free breakfast and outdoor pool – I had my own little slice of heaven.

Due to the more urban nature of this stop, I would budget a little more for attractions – perhaps around $50 US

Day 4: Gili Trawangan

After the start of my week being made up of high energy surfing and travelling, believe me when I say I was ready to kick back and relax for a day on Gili Trawangan Island. Imagine this with me. White, sandy beaches with clear warm water. Shallow coral reefs surrounded by giant turtles and a myriad of bars and restaurants close together with any number of accommodation options. I travelled the evening food markets on bicycle as there are actually no petrol motors within 9km of the edge of the island, just to preserve the picturesque beaches. I rounded off a very relaxing day at the Broken Compass Hostel and Bar with a scotch in my hand. Not all travelling must be super high octane and this is a perfect example.

Based on the expenses of visitors and my own spending, I would budget around $50 US for a day well spent here.

Day 5: Senaru

Considering I had summitted Mount Rinjani not too long before I made this visit, it made perfect sense to me to end this beautiful round trip in the very local and very rural village of Senaru. There is not much going on here except the waterfalls. Overall, it’s a very local village. But because of the mountain and waterfalls, the whole place had this very laid back, relaxed vibe that is quite hard to explain. It was like I stepped back in time into a rustic rural Lombok village. For example, all the tables at the Pondok Guru Bakti Senaru Cottage were simply just old pieces of wood. This countryside touch warmed my heart. At night I retired my weary legs to Rinjani Lodge. With stunning panoramic views of Mount Rinjani at sunset and across the lush rice paddies of the volcanic foothills down to the ocean, Rinjani Lodge was the perfect place to finish off my epic 5-day journey.

Based on the expenses of visitors and my own spending, I would budget around $30 US for a day well spent here.


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