Discovering the beauty and hidden hiking activities of Lombok takes some good local knowledge and a desire to explore. As an island in the West Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia, the extreme terrain and soul-warming sunrises make this destination a must for all budding hikers and trail explorers alike.

This is a true Bali hiking experience. Here is a compilation of the 5 best hiking trails in Lombok, ranging from extensive overnight and multiday treks to simple day hikes that will satisfy the cravings of the explorer within us all. Read through to receive a free hiking checklist and map!

Hike 1: Mount Rinjani (2-4 day hike)

The almighty Rinjani Mountain of Gunung Rinjani is a colossal volcano which overlooks the entire island of Lombok. A climb to the top is arguably one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in Indonesia. Labeled as one of the harder treks to complete, a 2-4 day hike will test you, but in a way that solidifies your sense of adventure and allows for rewarding senses of achievement. Porters will help you on your journey, and as a multiday trek, the climb will see you camp at various locations on the mountain – soaking in the amazing views of the spectacular Segara Anak (a crater lake) which is about 6km across at its widest point.

Hike 2: Pergasingan Hill (2-day overnight hike)

Up next is Pergasingan Hill. This destination is in Sembalun, which is very close to Mount Rinjani. You pass by the start trail for the Mount Rinjani Trek and the massive volcano towers in the background on the other side of the valley throughout the entire Pergasingan Hill Trek. Lombok provides no shortage of amazing views and crossovers between hiking routes. Pergasingan Hill is an epic viewpoint at the top of a steep trail in the north of Lombok. The defining feature of this amazing 2-day hike is the extraordinary bonfire and stargazing experience being above the city lights of Lombok at night, and the sensational sunrise that follows in the morning.

Hike 3: Tetebatu Rice fields and waterfalls (1-day hike)

Once again located extremely close to Mount Rinjani, this tour offers more of a contextual base on which to build up to the more extreme hikes. As such, this single day tour of the area around Rinjani allows for a relaxed and beautiful cultural experience. On the rice fields, you will see the morning sunlight reflecting off the infinite paddy fields and single cold droplets of water on each paddy grass framing Mount Rinjani in the backdrop. Tetebatu waterfall is a must for adventurers of this region, and arriving mid-morning provides for magic scenes. Sunlight penetrates thick vegetation and slices through the falling water – a magnificent, glistening sight to behold.

Hike 4: Kuta Lombok to Gerupuk Bay (1-day hike)

Sometimes the eternally curious warrior adventurer within us requires some downtime. Instead of pushing yourself and burning out, retire to a more scenic tour that prioritizes views and relaxation. This beginner-level hike is an easy starter and allows for tourers to go on a single day hike that follows well-maintained roads. This tour will see you soak in the glory of the views available at Segar beach and Tanjung Aan, getting caught in the mesmerizing rhythmic nature of the surf waves. This tour incorporates dinner at Charlie’s Shack in Lombok and includes a courtesy lift car or option to stay in Gerupuk. A must for feeding your soul.

Hike 5: Lombok waterfalls hike (1-day hike)

Following on from the relaxing nature of the beach treks, sometimes you require instead a forest orientated experience. Located furthest from the entrance gate of the park, Benang Kelambu Waterfall allows you to feel as if you have teleported straight into a South American rainforest. With water magically appearing from the foliage and tiered falls, it is a sight to behold. Included in this destination is a jumping spot for those seeking an exhilarating experience (11 meters high!), as well as a pool to swim in at the bottom of the falls. Benang Stokel is very similar in experience and both will require your swimwear! This easy hike is something you can knock off your to-do list in one magical day with the safest guides on offer.

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